He had me at woof...

Inspired by a rambunctious rescued terrier mix named Boz, I founded 4 Love of Dogs.

Sadly, Boz was a “throw away” puppy. This happens all too often when people adopt a “cute puppy” but have zero patience and/or knowledge of how to train that cute puppy when it turns into a chewy, nippy ball of fire. I did not let that stop me though. I immediately fell in love with Boz and rescued this special boy. Once home, I could see that someone, at some point, had broken Boz’s tail which had healed crooked, and he was very cautious toward small children. If only he could tell me the abuse he must have endured. 

But with a lot of training and love, Boz flourished with me and his Doberman sister, Marlon. Boz and Marlon bonded immediately. They were inseparable for 10 years until I lost my precious girl to Dilated Cardiomyopathy. It was devastating. We both mourned Marlon and it took Boz awhile to get back to some normalcy without her.

Since losing Marlon, Boz and I have grown old together. He has taught me to be a better person, to love and forgive more, and to occasionally stop and admire a butterfly or two. Boz has also been my inspiration to rescue other dogs in need and pursue my lifelong dream of opening a sanctuary for abandoned and abused dogs. 

I handmake all of the merch on our website and 100% of every purchase goes toward building the 4 Love of Dogs Sanctuary. Now that I am retired, and with your support, I am determined to make my dream come true.